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Thanks to TPA companies in neighboring countries and our being part of the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance network and our local partner, we can offer our globally active clients auditing procedures in accordance with the “International Standards on Auditing” (ISA).

We offer our clients the following:

  • Statutory and voluntary audits of financial reports
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements in line with IFRS or US GAAP
  • Audits of banks and financial services companies
  • Auditing of non-profit sector
  • Public sector audits
  • Audits in connection with restructuring
  • Prospectus audits
  • Efficiency analysis and operational audits
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Auditing of internal control systems
  • Company valuations

Audit Consulting. Preparation beats ex post correction.

Quality consulting services are the core competence of TPA. The skills required for auditing are continually being developed.

TPA audit consulting provides clients preparing for a mandatory audit the services required to guarantee that the auditing process goes smoothly and efficiently. We make sure that your company is fit for an audit before the auditor responsible for certifying the financial statements arrives.

This includes such services as:

  • Consulting on the basic organization of accounting
  • Creation of a custom-tailored accounting manual
  • Preparation for the internal control system audit
  • Changeover to IFRS
  • Preparation for the operational audit
  • Support in preparing and implementing group-wide guidelines
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