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Legal Services

Legal Services

Corporate law in Slovenia governs the establishment, operation, and dissolution of companies, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulations. Slovenia’s corporate legal framework is primarily influenced by its membership in the European Union (EU) and its commitment to harmonizing corporate laws with EU directives and standards.

Key Legislation and Regulations

The Companies Act regulates the formation and management of various corporate entities, including limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, partnerships, and branches of foreign companies. It outlines requirements for company registration, share capital, corporate governance structures, and reporting obligations.

Emphasis on Shareholder Rights

Corporate law in Slovenia emphasizes the protection of shareholders’ rights, minority interests, and stakeholders’ interests. It establishes mechanisms for corporate decision-making, such as general meetings of shareholders, boards of directors, and supervisory boards, ensuring transparency and accountability in corporate governance.

Legal Services

It is only one short step from consulting for accounting and tax matters to management consulting. Our key objective is to produce measurable benefits for our clients by providing transparent project management and regular support.

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