Optimization On Payroll & Social Insurance Tax

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Social insurance and cost of wages and salaries. Optimize your levies.

Are you always up to date with social insurance and cost of wages regulations? This field is being constantly modified and supplemented, and statutory amendments very frequent. Our experts will answer any questions you might have on the topic of taxes on wages and social insurance.

Not a resident of Slovenia?

We have got the right solution to maximize available resources (amount of payment) and thus minimize your tax burden.

Our services:

  • optimization of remunerations of the employees
  • optimization of remunerations of the management
  • consulting as regards to the tax inspection of paying taxes on wages
  • review and formation of contracts  
  • international optimization of remunerations
  • consulting as regards to tax credit reliefs for employees’ gifts
  • optimization of claims in respect of the termination of employment contract

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